What are Teach Live Conferences?

Teach Live Conferences are two-day events designed to allow teachers to learn from their peers. The trademark of these conferences is for teachers to witness and experience live classrooms where session leaders demonstrate a content lesson, strategy, or approach to teaching with actual students. Attendees will be able to observe engaged, student-centered learning at work in real classrooms to discover ways to enhance and redesign their teaching practices. Teach Live sessions to occur on day one, while day two consists of traditional sessions which are also designed to be interactive and engaging.

What are the primary themes and content areas?

This year's conference theme is Teach for Tomorrow. Together, we will reconsider what authentic learning looks like by finding ways to add meaning, purpose, and relevance to our curriculum so that students have successful and lasting educational experiences. While it's impossible to predict the futures our students will encounter, we can discover ways to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to seek their place in society confidently and to impact our world for the well-being of others.

This conference will emphasize four critical components that must be embedded in the teaching and learning process. Effective teachers create student-centered classrooms that are relational and engaging. Additionally, students are taught to execute or take ownership of their roles and responsibilities for success. Additional strands include assessment of student learning, technology integration, Biblical integration, administrator's sessions, and coaches' sessions that focus on character/spiritual development.

Why attend

Whether you're a seasoned teacher looking to expand your skills or a new educator eager to get a head start, this event will provide you with practical, actionable strategies for bringing student-centered learning to your classroom. You'll leave with a better understanding of how to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment, as well as a wealth of resources and tools that you can use to continue your professional growth long after the event has ended.

Our Keynote Speaker

We are thrilled to announce Ernesto Mejía as our keynote speaker for this year's Teach Live conference. An esteemed educator and motivational speaker, Ernesto brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the podium. His insights into the world of education are shaped by personal and professional journeys, reflecting a deep commitment to ensuring every student reaches their potential. Known for his innovative teaching techniques and heartfelt narratives, Ernesto continues to inspire educators around the world. At Teach Live, attendees will benefit from his unique perspective on nurturing creativity, curiosity, and character within the classroom. Join us for a transformative session with Mr. Mejía.